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 Testing gets results
The final part of the Hackitt Report into the Grenfell Tower disaster is expected to change fundamentally the construction industry’s attitude towards the design and fire safety of high rise buildings. However, distributor of architectural cladding,theVivalda Group, claims that the report will fall short unless complete systems testing is at the heart of the recommendations.
Ben Jayes, Vivalda’s managing director, says: “It is absolutely vital that Dame Judith Hackitt’s report includes clear measures to ensure that in future cladding and facades are tested as complete systems, ideally in-situ. We understand that this will add cost to construction projects, but the industry has been adopting a ‘head in the sand’ attitude for too long when it comes to fire safety. So-called ‘value engineering’ has a lot to answer for, as this has pushed architects and contractors to drive out cost at every opportunity. And this has no doubt contributed to the construction of unsafe buildings.”
Vivalda believes that current fire protection standards are fit for purpose,
The money wagon
  Ben Jayes
 but have not been effectively used.The façades specialist wants to see BS8414 cited as a central pillar of fire safety standards moving forward. Ben Jayes said: “If used appropriately, BS8414 will qualify all the components’ performance together as a system, including sheathing, carrier board, carrier sub frame system, insulation, fire barriers, breather membrane, facade material, accessories and finally facade fixings.” ❐
The new EU regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is causing confusion and panic within the business community. An army of consultants, advisors and groups have jumped on the band wagon, organising seminars and events that are often ill- informed, sometimes misleading and all- too-often designed to generate significant fees. Andrew Scott, managing director of Insight Data, says: “Despite the barrage of information, courses and so-called experts that have emerged, there s i no o fficial certification or accreditation for GDPR. Anyone with limited knowledge can put on a seminar and offer advice, but our experience is that many of these simply get it wrong. In practice, the principles of the GDPR are straightforward and the Information
   In 1843, the first typewriter was patented,‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens was published and Mount Etna erupted in Italy. It was also the year whenYale was established in a small shop in New York, USA.
Founded by theYale family in the
19th century, Linus Yale Jr
patented the first pin tumbler
locking mechanism in 1843 which
created theYale we know today.
To mark the occasion,Yale has a
range of activities taking place
including social media
competitions and product offers.
Stephen Roberts, marketing
manager for Yale UK, says:
“Reaching 175 years is a
milestone worthy of celebration
for Yale. As one of the oldest
brands in the home security
market, its longevity highlights the trust and confidence customers have in the brand.
“What’s more, it also reinforces how we as a company are continually innovating to stay ahead in the marketplace and meet consumer demands.” ❐
The Fabricator 2018
Andrew Scott
Commissioners Office (ICO) provides easy to understand and comprehensive guidance for businesses, via
“GDPR focuses on the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual and defines how organisations should collect, store and process personal information.” ❐
   In the April Issue of The Fabricator a picture, the property of Edgetech UK, was incorrectly placed in an article in the sealed unit feature which was supplied by another company.This may have given the wrong impression as to the intent of the article.The Fabricator apologises for the mistake and for any misconstruction it may have caused. ❐

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