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Comar 7Pi LS+ lift and slide gearing provides smooth operation for door configurations up to 12m wide and three metres high, according to a Comar spokesman.
The system’s flexibility means that the same profiles provide lift slide or straight rolling gear, standard or slim interlock, enhanced performance with the inclusion of thermal foam and double or triple track configurations.
Optional slim interlocks maximise the view out when the doors are in the closed position. For a standard CEN size set of doors U-values are down to 1.4Wm2 with a 1.0Wm2 centre pane and using glass technology and Comar’s enhanced thermal foam U-values of 0.74Wm2 are achievable according to Comar.
The company says that the 7P.i lift and slide was developed to ensure a highly engineered solution Feedback from the UKAS accredited test house was ‘it is the best they had ever seen’, as it passed BS6375 Parts 1, 2 and 3 with no water leakage at 1050Pa. The hardware
has been tested to over 50,000 open and closing cycles.❐
Pilkington UK has launched a new mirror product that is resistant to humidity and corrosion, adding to its Optimirror range.
Pilkington Mirropane Chrome is an off-line coated mirror product, which can be toughened, bent and laminated. It is available in standard thicknesses of 4 – 8 mm. Other thicknesses are available.
Leo Pyrah, product manager at Pilkington UK, says:“There is an increasing demand from specifiers for mirror products that offer resistance to harsh environments where there is an increased risk of atmospheric corrosion, or where mirrors are at risk of human impact.”❐
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