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              DOORS & SECURITY
 Key to the future?
Affirming growth in electronic multipoint door locks, Carl F Groupco reports that SmartSecure – the company’s electronic locking and access control brand, has seen a seven fold increase in year-on-year sales to the end of March 2018. Early adopters include housing associations and fabricators who recognise the benefits of added value opportunities, the access control options for domestic use and wide range of applications supported.
AMA research findings also showed that multipoint locks comprise 62% of the market, a fact which underscores the continuing importance of the FUHR 881 locking system supplied by Carl F Groupco: the 881 is a fully electronic, motorised multipoint locking system with integrated panic function for security and convenience.
The 12th edition of the Door andWindow Fittings Market Report – UK 2018-2022 provides detailed insight into the market. The report offers analysis of all major product groups and the issues impacting the market. Supply and distribution channels are also reviewed. ❐ 2018
     Carlia Corras (right), Carl F Groupco’s sales office manager, confirms sales growth for SmartSecure, the company’s electronic and access control brand
   Members of the Steel Window Association have been reporting a resurgence in the popularity of steel framed entrance screens and partitions; normally featuring a pair of double doors flanked by fixed lights, and referred to as Belgium doors. These are most commonly installed as the outer door to a porch area, offering excellent weather protection while admitting the maximum amount of natural light. While these screen assemblies are revisiting a long-established arrangement of steel sections, the availability of modern systems and enhanced glazing options means that contemporary installations can significantly outperform those projects that provide inspiration to today’s customers and their consultants.
Darren Lloyd of Govette Windows, an SWA member, says: “We, and a number of other association members, have been asked to quote on these types of screens, for both interior and exterior use, over the last couple of years and it seems they are really starting to make a comeback for both new build and refurbishment projects.” ❐
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