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                   ZX5 sawing &
machining center
for the discerning uPVC
window & door fabricator
Sawing & Machining as it should be
The Stuga ZX5 can produce 800 to 1100 internally glazed windows per week. Developed from the very successfulZX4theZX5utilisesevenmoreleadingedgetechnology. Includessawcutsandprepsfor all UK window and door styles. The ‘U’ shaped con guration allows the possibility for single operator usage. AllStugasawing&machiningcentersnotchonbothsidesofanypro le.Experience‘Y–Drive’ notch prepping, ‘Tru-Loc’ gripping technology and pro le recognition with width measuring.
16.20m long by 4.30m wide. Professional installation with full training
01493 742348

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