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The will of which people?
So Brexit rolls on and the 60 headbangers who keep Mrs May in office, so they effectively run the country, have set out their demands. They say that, not withstanding a transition period, there must be a clean break with Europe in a year's time. No access to the single market, no customs union and especially no European laws or court of justice.
A bunch of self important, self seeking people are keen to break from our closest and biggest market, and ally. Why, has always been beyond me.They campaigned on a platform of lies and misinformation and the result only gave them the narrowest of victories. The thrust of the campaign since then – there is no doubt that they have never let up campaigning – has been to ignore or ridicule, not to say disenfranchise, every one who voted to remain in Europe.The vitriol they dispense makes me think that they are not at all confident in their win.
We live in dangerous times. One of the stories that the leave campaign told us was that we would re-instate our parliamentary democracy. The first thing that happened was an attempt by the government to sidestep parliament and run things by decree. It took a brave business woman to bring the matter before the high court which re-instated parliament's right to vote on the issue. Parliament itself has been able to give itself further voting rights including a vote on the final deal.
There is a very strong possibility that the Brexit few know the mood has changed and people are realising that they were conned. Otherwise why so much vitriol towards the remain lobby? If there were to be another referendum, and I strongly believe that had the leavers lost the last one we would already have a date for the next, the outcome would be uncertain.They know they cannot rely forever on the 2016 result.
According to a recent U-Gov poll 66% think that the government is making a mess of the negotiations with Europe; (against 22% who think they are doing well.) Corbyn and the labour party may not be to our taste but one has to ask: could they make a worse mess of things?
Given that, regardless of what happens when we do leave, whether it is an economic disaster or not, these people will be pretty much unaffected. So their only ambition must be to run the country.Which effectively, along with the DUP, they do anyway by propping up a dead prime minister. It is even worse; Mrs May has neither the courage to face down those who hold her hostage nor to call their bluff and go to the country.
It really is a pity – nay, disgraceful that the country can be run by a minority of self centred, self seeking individuals. One is left with the impression that if they don't get their way democracy can go hang.
So when you next hear the cry: 'It is the will of the people' and remember that Mrs May and her party got a taste of that last year. Indeed they may get another in the forthcoming council elections.
It is about time that the rest of 'the people' had another say. Never mind a referendum, there should be another general election, and soon, though I doubt that the 'Brexiteers' have the courage to allow that and will keep their puppet in power for as long as they can.
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