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              THE FABRICATOR
News – 4-6
Major changes in FIT sharehold structure; David Leng is group chief of Customade;TPG’s Richard Reeve oversees sales of Axim;Veka’s commitment to recycling
Cover story – 8
Carl F Groupco is more than just a hardware distributor – for its customers it is a rich source of technical support
Marketing – 10
Data protection: properly processing the process, of proper processing – Purplex, shedding light onto the GDPR muddle – you’re welcome
Glass & glazing – 12-14
‘To look the best’ – Geze UK joins the National Army’s fight to make its Museum look good
Doubly awarding – Metsec becomes the first tier two organisation to recieve two Kitemarks
Aluminium – 16-20
Made for each other – Senior Achitectural Systems shares a look at its new slimline window, said to complement its Ali Fold range
REAL: support and strength – positive feedback from their clientel
CAB – 18-19
So far, so good and looking up – Justin Ratcliffe looks at the latest figures Known unknowns – Certain about uncertainty? We should certainly think so! Justin Furness has some insight
Doors – 22-24
A new range from Schueco aims to bring a solution for all properties;Astra presents its Astra 3000 series
Products – 26-28
Glazpart’s answer for easy DIY fixes; Groupama unveils its new office building
         The Fabricator 2018

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