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On the level
Easi-Dec, the working at height safety specialist, has supplied Everest with 72 roofline systems to provide installation teams with a safe, efficient and cost effective solution for accessing roofline level when carrying out gutter, soffit and fascia replacements.
The Easi-Dec system allowed trained operatives to erect the access equipment on the day of t he installation and remove it upon completion, which caused less disruption to customers.The system removes the need to appoint external scaffold companies on some installations. Its individual platforms can also be used on window replacement contracts which offer further flexibility with the equipment.
“The Easi-Dec Roofline system is well known within our industry and it not only offers a cost effective solution, but it also does not compromise on safety,” says Andy Hunter, health and safety executive at Everest.
Liniar has been working on a testing programme to develop a fire resisting solution for its range of composite doors.
Pyroplex first approached
Liniar at the 2016 FIT Show
to propose working together
to develop a fire door
assembly capable of achieving
a fire resistance period of 30
When the company Fascia
Place, approached Liniar with
a requirement for a fire door
a project began to take shape.
Pyroplex manufactures high performance intumescent strips for use in doors and glazing systems. Its systems are supported by international testing and certification and hold third party approval under internationally recognised schemes.
After completing a small scale fire test, Pyroplex commissioned Exova Warringtonfire to undertake a full scale fire test incorporating two doors, both of which included overhead glazing panels and glazed side lights with large aspect ratios, which can often fail under constant fire load.
Both of the door set assemblies achieved a significant overrun in terms of fire resistance.The test was continued to failure, exceeding the 30 minute requirement by more than 15 minutes – meaning the doors are well on the way to reaching the 60 minute mark. ❐
To make an impression
Easi-Dec Roofline is a modular system incorporating one or more Easi-Dec platforms linked securely with Easi-Dec Catwalk to form a continuous fully- guarded platform. It has been designed to provide simple, rapid access to roofline level by eliminating the time constraints of erecting scaffolding and can be set up in less than 30 minutes. ❐
Bowater by Birtley is now offering a full array fo c olours from its in- house paint line, across its range of composite doors. Kevin Kiernan of Bowater by Birtley says: “Property experts have confirmed that an immaculate front door is the key to selling a house. However, the best colour depends on the position of the property. Pastels work best for city dwellings while natural shades should be used in the countryside. Meanwhile, trending colours are bright yellow, pink and turquoise. We already know the importance of colour, but as its placed under the spotlight by property experts, manufacturers need to be in a strong position to deliver.
“We invested in an in-house paint line so that we have complete control over the delivery of a w ide range of colours. We can colour match any specific requirements for the more individual colour projects and where required, we
can also colour match the frame to the door.Homeownerswantchoicewhenit comes to the colour of their front door and with recent press articles suggesting that the colour they choose says something about what kind of person they are, there is even more need to offer a whole array of o ptions.
“The Bowater by Birtley range of composite doors is about offering choice so the end user has precisely the door they want, not a compromised version of it. Our in-house paint line, number of door styles and the option of single or dual rebate composites allows us to do just that.” ❐
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