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The weld alternative
Every page of every trade mag has adverts and features for PVC-U sash windows; the country now has hundreds of specialist fabricators of sash windows.
Yet, none of them are, writes Alan Burgess, managing director of Masterframe
Fabricators may make windows which require special attention but this is far from being ‘specialists’; check out the meaning, ‘someone who specialises in something, to the exclusion of all other’, that’s Masterframe for you.
Now with every company owning a welder, deciding sash windows are the next big thing, they think shiny plastic, welded squares with decorative horns is the answer; sadly it isn’t. Even worse is the philosophy to make them cheap, stack them high. Thankfully the heritage market and local planners are dictating that enough is enough, they no longer accept this level of product, when they know that white foil, staff bead and putty line extrusions, with timber butt joints inside and out are available.
Sales people, especially installers, always want a beautiful looking product, one that works and one which simply looks far better than their competitors, without costing the earth.
Fabricators have long known how to mechanically join sections but profiles are normally left open ended. Closing the chambers, gluing and screwing, is slow and expensive, knocking the productivity numbers way off course.
Being a true specialist fabricator and needing to stay two steps ahead of alternative sash window producers, forces Masterframe to introduce new products, new furniture and new inventions. Timberweld, our latest brand (and
patent), is one such example.
Needing an alternative to the standard mitre welded
and grooved frames, Masterframe set out to make an authentic mechanical joint, but not one with holes in it. It is so easy to claim mechanically jointed construction, but unless expensive plugs are used, most of the companies leave open channels for the water and winds to whistle through.
Having found a method to weld PVC-U, just as quickly as standard welding without the need for gluing and screwing has given us a massive advantage and has set a new standard. Yes alternative solutions exist, ETL (external timber look) does half the job, welding the corner with one side butt jointed, however it is only half the job.
Customers now expect butt joints both sides of their windows, and Masterframe has the solution in Timberweld.
Masterframe is the only licensed sash window manufacturer to use the joint, but no f ewer than 10 other licenses were issued ahead of the FIT show, and another dozen will be signed at the start of 2018, including companies large and small.
So it is the perfect opportunity for Masterframe to start supplying licence holders with their sash window requirements. ❐
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