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 Beware of the nibble - Nibbling is a negotiating ploy that shrewd clients use to get free extras or a little more discount.
They might ask if you will throw in a couple of extras to improve your chances of them ordering, or they might even order and then say "That does include the extra widget doesn't it? knowing full well that is does not". The problem is that if we concede then some customers will just keep on nibbling until we have no shirts left on our backs. Another dilemma is that if we happily and quickly give them what they ask for then the customer may feel that they could have got even more because that was to easy. Some customers just like to play the game and as a matter of principle wont order unless they get something for nothing no matter how small it is. There is another type of customer who is just testing our integrity and if we drop the price or give them a freebie they will lose their trust in us because we had not given them our best deal in the first place and were therefore in their minds we are ripping them off. As salespeople and buyers ourselves, we need to be aware and have a counter strategies to the nibble which appeals to all types of customers mentioned. Some times you have to trust your gut feeling and make your best guess move. There are many counters to 'The Nibble'. You can hold your ground and say you have given them the best price you can. You can tell them in advance as a part of your 'pre-quote speech' that there is no negotiating room in your quote, it is your best price. If you can see they are sold and ready to order you can either reaffirm that it is your best price and consolidate by explaining the value they are getting or you can nibble back, do a 'higher authority' close, or a 'higher authority subject to' close i.e "I don't think the boss would agree to that, however I can ask the question for you, can I tell him you are happy to order if he will agree?" To prevent nibbling, you can tell customers you are quoting your best price up front; of course,
 they may still try.
Forewarned forearmed
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product of the year
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Deceuninck’s Heritage Flush Sash, which forms part of the company’s Heritage Window Collection, has won the prestigious category of New Product of the Year at this year’s G-Awards.
invest a significant amount of money to allow us to offer this amount of product from stock, but we did it because we knew how far ahead this investment would put our customers. It means they can order colour as easily as they can order white. For the Heritage sector, this is particularly important as the windows need to match the character of the property.
For this reason, the euro-groove position became critical. We also ensured outstanding weather and security performance was part of our Flush Sash offering with Airtightness Class 4, Watertightness Class E900, Wind Resistance Class AE2400 and PAS24:2016 Kitemark approved, all complete with the system.
      It’s not often we see something genuinely innovative in our market, but the Flush Sash from Deceuninck has delivered something new that provides fabricators and installers with a completely new sales opportunity.
Rob McGlennon, MD of Deceuninck UK comments: “We quickly identified the need for a strong product for the growing heritage sector and worked hard to design a product that suits every need in this field. Our Heritage Flush Sash comes with the option of fully welded or mechanical joints for a completely traditional and authentic look, also giving our customers a true USP over the competition.
“The beauty of our cleverly designed Flush Sash isn’t limited to the Heritage sector however - it looks just as stunning in a modern town house property, as it does in a traditional cottage. Our new grey substrate with smooth matt anthracite foil is available on our Flush Sash and from stock and we will continue to develop the range to help our customers win even more projects, in even more property styles.
“The Flush Sash also comes with a host of marketing support that is considered to be above and beyond the industry standard. All Heritage Collection customers have access to an array of marketing assets to suit all needs, including printed brochures, image library, point of sale and much more.
“In addition to designing the best- looking product for this sector, we have also been able to offer our Heritage Flush Sash customers the benefit of 26 colourways from stock. Again, for added authenticity we also offer 26 colourways in matching trims, cills and ancillaries – all from stock. We have of course had to
“From a technical perspective, our new product addressed a gap in the market at the time because no other Flush Sash came with a night vent, so didn’t come with the option to lock the window in a night vent position.
“We are thrilled to receive the prestigious recognition from within the industry at the G-Awards for what we feel is a product that has truly changed the market in 2017, but we will continue to work closely with our customers to deliver what the market wants, when it needs it, with new #Bestinclass innovations and product developments on the horizon.”
ranges have seen the most growth, there’s no doubting the continuing and growing appeal of our traditional glass ranges too.”
     reveal tastes
The Distinction Glass brand comprises 24 designs across four collections and celebrates the strength of Distinction’s glazing offering, something that is reflected in strong sales growth. All designs are triple glazed, something that offers three major benefits. It helps maintain thermal efficiency, it ensures the glass is easier to keep clean because the decorative panel is enclosed within two clear panes and it increases security levels too. This is because the external pane is fitted with 6.8mm laminated safety glass to BS EN 14449, meaning installers can upsell to the Secured by Design option on Distinction’s doors without needing to place an order for special glass on an extended lead time. The quality of the range is highlighted in the 44-page retail glass brochure which helps make choosing the glazing panel a pleasure for consumers.
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Distinction Glass has just revealed information on its most popular glass ranges and it indicates how much contemporary styles are coming to the fore these days.
  Chantel Roach, Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “All our ranges have seen growth, but, as in previous years, our contemporary ranges have seen a surge in interest. It demonstrates consumers’ continued interest in contemporary living trends.”
range designed around each door style. Its continued popularity demonstrates the company’s ability to reflect consumer trends and tastes, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons it remains a market leader in the composite door sector.
“We know it’s important to give consumers the choice they’re looking for. While our contemporary glass
Distinction was the first company to introduce a contemporary glazing

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