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Required across our national network of window
and door trade outlets.

Sevenday are a national depot distribution network serving

me trade and DIV window installer with locations across , _ , , ,

Engiand and Waiesv Deliver sales in line with business targets

We pride ourselves on offering our customers a complete Ie°|:|,eriflTack'::!g°L"r:re5r::::1iflefisgfigcfipgsgnghe
product. service. sales and marketing sulmort. Due to our w5mmeris' problems offering advice where pussime
expanding depot network we require Depot Managers '

and Assistant Managers who have tne necessary Ensure quotes are pursued and followed through
knowledge skills and expertise to support our customers . .

am manage me depm Manage deliveries where necessary

rriese roles are suited to individuais wno have window c°"°" ”aV"'°"‘s f'°"' ‘"s‘°"'°"5 m “med te""5
industry experience with an understanding of installation Keel) UP to date with P795‘-‘Ct 0"?’ ‘O Ensure

and or fabrication along witn tne drive and commitment excellent customer service.

to running a depot.

WIndOW installer.
For more information call T: 02920 854431 or submit
your CV to and soon you could
become part of our exciting network expansion plans.

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