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In the second of several exclusive articles for Vision Magazine, Mark Austin, Hazlemere Commercial Marketing Director and Chair of the GGF’s Windows and Doors Group, shares insights into the most crucial aspect of any school or college job – health and safety.
Education projects can bring more than their fair share of challenges and potential headaches - but none more major and more daunting than ensuring student safety.
Sadly, despite vast improvements in health and safety standards, people can still suffer injuries on construction sites – and the risk of them coming to harm is inevitably heightened on jobs that require bringing heavy-duty machinery, scaffolding, huge glass panels and other potentially dangerous building materials in close proximity to hundreds of people.
Health and safety is therefore something that should rank highly on every education project manager’s list of priorities – so how can you make sure you’re doing your utmost to protect everyone one site, including students, staff, workers and visitors?
Find leading companies to work with
First and foremost, it’s vital to ensure that the main contractors, subcontractors and other organisations you’re working with take health and safety as seriously as you do.
The best firms will be fully compliant with CDM 2015 - the latest Construction, Design and Management regulations governing health and safety on commercial construction projects.
They’ll have a highly accredited workforce – including CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Skills) certificates for every surveyor, installer, foreman and manager on site.
They’ll be members of initiatives like the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, established to improve standards across the industry, and have been verified and accepted by bodies like Exor.
Be clever with your scheduling
Beyond being selective with who you work with, what else can you do to minimise risk?
One simple, incredibly effective solution is scheduling as much of the work as possible out of term time. The six-week school summer break each year offers a perfect opportunity to complete noisy and, in theory, potentially dangerous work on schools.
Colleges and universities have even longer breaks – although they tend to remain busier than schools in these periods, with some students staying behind to complete work, and the institutions themselves making their facilities available to conferences and other events.
Make sure the client knows their own obligations
Regardless of when your project is set to be implemented, it’s crucial you make sure the school, college or university itself is aware of its own health and safety obligations.
Under Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the commissioning institution has a responsibility for ensuring the safety of everyone affected by the works – and there are big penalties if the Health and Safety Executive judges them to have fallen short.
mark austin
delivery fleet
hurst plastics
01482 790790
Hurst Plastics has stolen another march in the industry with a major investment into a fleet of new delivery vehicles.
standards of customer service.
streamline all deliveries to reduce fuel consumption.
The door panel and composite door manufacturer has purchased 15 brand new eco-friendly Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans as part of an ambitious £500,000 investment programme into company vehicles. The move, will help them to further improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service.
“We are incredibly proud to deliver more than 99% of our doors on our own fleet. This record surpasses the industry norm and gives us far greater control over our lead times. By being transparent in all aspects of our supply chain, we are able to maximise efficiency, whilst minimising delays.”
“We deliver up to 7,500 door panels and 1500 composite doors a month and each of our vehicles notches up around 100,000 miles a year. It’s important therefore to optimise speed, accuracy and efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment..”
Mark Atkinson, Sales Director, explains: “As part of our continuous development programme, we have made a number of investments across the board to help us achieve growth and maintain our
Jon Brake, Transport Manager, adds: “We opted for eco-friendly vehicles which are designed to meet Euro 6 emissions. Euro 6 is the most stringent emissions standard, which aims to eliminate most of the exhaust pollutants that have an impact on air quality. We’ve also continued to
The fleXipod system seamlessly integrates with the company’s Live package - a complete solution which provides customers with essential, live information on every single order they place.
fire door project
liniar 01332 883900
A testing programme between two companies, working with some of the industry’s most prestigious component providers, has led to the development of a fire resisting solution for Liniar’s range of composite doors.
to develop a successful fire door.
ability, to comply with Building Regulations.
The fleet delivers throughout the whole of the UK and consistently maintains an on-time in-full record of above 98.5%.
Each vehicle is equipped with a sophisticated fleXipod electronic proof of delivery system, which provides customers with accurate, real time information on their scheduled deliveries.
Pyroplex Ltd approached Liniar at the 2016 FIT Show to propose working together on a project to develop a fire door assembly capable of achieving a fire resistance period of 30 minutes.
Based in Droitwich, Pyroplex has a reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high performance fire containment systems with a long established range of products which have been extensively tested and assessed for use within the composite door market.
After completing a small scale fire test, Pyroplex commissioned Exova Warringtonfire to undertake a full scale fire test incorporating two doors, both of which included overhead glazing panels and glazed side lights with large aspect ratios, which can often fail under constant fire load.
When prospective customers The Fascia Place then approached Liniar to enquire if its range included fire doors, the project began to take shape. Liniar utilised The Fascia Place’s previous knowledge, working together
The collective technical expertise from all the various parties involved proved to be invaluable to see the interaction between products when tested for fire resistance, whilst maintaining other essential characteristics including security, thermal performance and weather
Both door set assemblies achieved significant overrun in terms of fire resistance. The test was continued to failure, exceeding the 30 minute requirement by over 15 minutes – meaning the doors are well on the way to reaching the 60 minutes.“

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