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an offer you can’t refuse
balls2 marketing
Sarah Ball, Balls2 Marketing’s client strategy director and social media expert in the glazing industry, talks about how to get noticed on social using the Facebook Offers tool.
Facebook has loads of great tools to help you make the most of the platform and get more from your social media marketing. They are easy and cost-effective ways to promote your business and this month we’re focussing on the ‘Offers’ tool.
Facebook Offers
Offers are pretty self-explanatory. They can promote discounts, promotions or special deals you have on, whether it’s online or at your showroom. Once it’s created, it will show up on your fan’s Facebook News Feeds where they can ‘Like’ it, comment on it or claim it.
If they claim your offer, it will be saved in their offers bookmark and they will receive notifications to make sure they use it before it expires, so it keeps you on their radar whilst the offer is still active.
How to Create a Facebook Offer
There’s a button on your Page Manager called ‘Create an Offer’. It’s really simple to do. Just fill in the details of your offer – whether it’s 10 percent off windows and doors for a month or a free home survey, you can add up to five great images or a video to catch people’s eye.
In the same window, you can add T&Cs, a promo code so that you can monitor any claims and decide the expiration date. Make sure it’s valid for long enough for people to see it and claim it – one month is about right.
Advertising Your Offer
You don’t have to pay to create Facebook offers but promoting it will get it seen by more people. Facebook holds lots of data on its users, so you can accurately target potential customers by location, age or interest. We find starting with a small budget and seeing what works is the best way to begin.
Most importantly, make sure your promotion is something that people will actually want to have – an offer they can’t refuse.
sarah ball
they’re choosing a new door. With the Ultion 3* cylinder, PAS24:2016 cut test pass and a 3.6mm GRP skin that’s twice as thick as most doors - all as standard - we’re doing all we can to ‘beat the burglar’.”
and glass
Residor is also doing more to give installers greater choice and flexibility. The range is now available in any RAL colour, providing 2,328 shade options for delivery in just 10 days compared to the standard 5 day turnaround. There are nine new glass styles, with Rosewood and foiled Anthracite Grey colour door frames added to the mix too.
styles residor 0808 252 3733
Residor, a brand of DW3 Products Group, is extending its range to give installers even more reasons to sell the most secure GRP composite door on the market.
CEO, Gareth Mobley, explains: “We put security first, because that’s what matters most to 85% of homeowners when
“The new, enhanced range is great news for anyone looking for security that’s built-in as standard, and in the colours and styles that today’s homeowners are increasingly demanding. Best of all, it’s available at a price that
really will surprise you,” adds Gareth.
All standard doors are easy to order online, and with its fantastic OTIF (On Time in Full) delivery rate - 100% in June and July - there’s never been a better time to sell the door that comes with so much more.
protection extrudaseal 0121 356 8733
Extrudaseal, can be applied during manufacture, eliminating any requirement for any specialist onsite installation.
Specialist flood door manufacturer, StormMeister, has developed a ground-breaking flood door system, which, uses the pressure of the flood water itself on gaskets to create a water-tight seal.
An evolution of the patented Active Flood Sealing system, its new solution extruded by
touch of class
Malcolm Snape, MD, StormMeister explained: “Flood door designs traditionally rely on the compression of the door gasket to form a seal against water. This is achieved through the addition of extra locking points.
“The problem is that this can make operation difficult, requiring an element of force to compress the gasket using the handle, something which can make everyday operation problematic.
“Our patented Active Flood Sealing System, exploits the pressure created by the flood water to form a seal, with just
two extra locking points and without compromising operation and day-to-day use.”
year’s FIT Show, the Heritage Flush Sash is one of the newest additions to the company’s catalogue – a vintage-look uPVC sash window balancing A+-rated thermal efficiency with PAS24-compliant security, exceptional weather performance and convincing traditional aesthetics.
dempsey dyer
windows more generally, offering end-users a simple and relatively inexpensive route to much-sought after traditional aesthetics without the greater expense associated with sash windows.
01977 649641
“At Dempsey Dyer, the watchword is always choice,” commented company MD Peter Dyer. “Some people like sash windows, and will accept nothing less. Others love the vintage appeal of sash windows, but would rather stick with casement windows, whether that’s through wanting to avoid the cost and disruption of having existing windows replaced, or just personal preference – and for these consumers, our new mock sash horns are perfect.”
Fabricator Dempsey Dyer has now expanded customer choice even further, introducing premium-quality uPVC mock sash horns designed to make casements look like sash windows.
Produced using the firm’s new state-of-the-art CNC machine, the new sash horn accessory provides installers with an excellent way of capitalising on the continuing popularity of vintage-look products and sash
The sash horn product is just the latest in a string of new offerings from fast-growing Dempsey Dyer. Revealed at last

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