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Required across our national network of window
and door trade outlets.

Sevenday are a national depot distribution network serving

me trade and DIV window installer with locations across _ _ _ _ _

England and Wales, Deliver sales in line with business targets

We pride ourselves on offering our customers a comnlete Ie°|::r?LflITack':f‘!g°g:,f,':.:g:"Li,r:efi::fi:'::::s:R,:hE
§;gg'["1fj“-n5ge'd‘é’Eg-t :‘5e‘te‘,5Vgr'7|:jv’V"ear’::|‘J“':§ E‘Je‘l’3‘f)‘n/'|a'3n“a‘;‘:S°“’ customer's problems, offering advice where possible
and Assistant Managers who have the necessary Ensure quotes are pursued and followed through
knowledge‘ skills and expertise to support our customers . .

am manage me depmv Manage deliveries where necessary

Collect Davments from customers to agreed terms

These roles are suited to individuals who have window .

industry experience with an understanding of installation Keep up to date with prqduct offer to ensure

and or fabrication along with the drive and commitment excellent customer servlze.

to running a debut.

WII'IdOW installer.
For more information cal I T: 02920 854431 or submit
your CV to and soon you could
become part of our exciting network expansion plans.

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