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gold for green
Ensinger's insulating profile made of 100 % recycled polyamide receives the Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate in gold
Ensinger was early to recognize the signs of the times. By 2013, the plastics specialist launch a recycled insulating profile for the thermal separation of aluminum windows, doors and façades. Since then, insulbar RE has been providing additional points for the certification of buildings worldwide with its Environmental Product Declaration. Its outstanding sustainability is now additionally confirmed by a Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate in gold. “With this certification, we are sending out a further signal that the ecological footprint of our products and the conservation of resources are of great importance to us. We only have this one planet,” says Jan Danger,
division head for insulbar at Ensinger. “We were the first to go into series production with an insulating profile for metal frames in 1977. With insulbar RE made of pure recycling material, we combine energy efficiency and sustainability and once again support the building industry as a pioneer in climate protection.”
Ensinger has more than 50 years of experience in compounding and precision processing of specialty plastics. For the production of insulbar RE, pure polyamide recyclate from reliable sources is upgraded in a special upcycling process so that its properties are directly comparable with new material (suitability tested according to DIN EN 14024 by the ift Rosenheim, certified by CSTB and SKZ). The service life of the high-quality
Doubly climate-friendly
During product evaluation by testing institutes such as EPEA, the entire value-added chain is considered in accordance with the principles of the Circular Economy – from cradle to recycling. The verified sustainability and the eco-balance of the product, which is certified with the Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate and the EPD, pays off with building certification, be it according to DGNB, LEED, BREEAM or country-specific regulations such as HQE in France or GBCe in Spain. With insulbar RE, we offer our partners in window, door and façade construction a strong differentiating feature, an added value that we want to further expand together,” says Jan Danger of Ensinger. “The manufacturing process is clean, the solution has been tried and tested millions of times and the transition is easy. Existing tools can be reused unchanged and without
additional costs. We offer our customers a wide variety of standard designs and individual profiles.”
material is thus extended by a further product life cycle.
 Sustainable quality
The use of recycled material in the production of insulbar RE reduces the consumption of fossil fuels by 89 % compared to the conventional polyamide profile, CO2 emissions are 84 % lower and 32 % less water is consumed. The material properties are checked in every phase of the process and documented according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. That is why insulbar RE has the same high quality, durability and functional reliability as known from classic insulating profiles.
     peace of mind
Design aluminium bi-fold door, which offers a design that has proven itself to be a rarity on the market. This state of the art design has been tried and tested in accordance to the Metropolitan Police preferred standards, passing with flying colours to achieve this prestigious certification.
sternfenster 01522 512525
Offering your customers peace of mind is invaluable, and something not easily achieved.
Building on this, the exclusive StyleLine range from Sternfenster utilises a unique graf welder manufacturing process for increased security. This is made possible by pushing any excess plastic during the welding stage back inside the frame, resulting in a completely seamless finish and a reinforced joint. This not only increases product aesthetic, it also increases inherent security.
  It is this understanding that has led Sternfenster to draw upon the very best designs in the current market to secure a product range that excels in home security. Approved Installers are able to gain access to a standard of quality that is sure to help customers
feel safer as the nights begin to draw
achieved and maintained. The products that Sternfenster offers their Approved Installers bring a harmony between function and form, delivering peace of mind in a stylish way. A stand out option for Network members to offer their customers is the Secured by
lot of photos in my spare time. They’re normally of my other big interest, cars. What I like about the photo I entered into the competition was that although it was taken at a client’s factory, it has the same moodiness in the lighting that I aim to achieve in my automotive
finalist balls2marketing 01332 559406
Premium grade materials, contemporary manufacturing techniques and world-class locking systems are combined to ensure leading standards of security are both
some photos for Frame Fast, a window and door fabricator in Derby, and he came back with some stunning photos to use on their website and in social media.” The shortlisted entry is his image of a Winmac 8 head welding, tandem line that welds corner joints on windows. This is the type of every day manufacturing that often goes unrecognised in the UK. There are thousands of factories across the country manufacturing hundreds of thousands of windows and doors every week. Working within digital marketing Callum’s role means that his photography skills are needed on a regular basis, but he honed his skills outside of work. Callum says: “I take a
By becoming an Approved Network Installer, home improvement specialists will be able to enhance their product range with a selection that has been designed to perform in all areas.
      Callum Alton, Digital Marketing Executive at Balls2 Marketing is a finalist for a top award in the EEF manufacturing photography competition in the Young Photographer category.
“We are exceptionally impressed,” says Sarah Ball, Client Strategy Director. “Callum is a gifted photographer. We asked him to take
northern vision - january 2018
images. When I found out that I was one of the finalists I was really happy for the photo to be recognised. Having the chance to go to the House of Commons is special – it’s definitely not something I ever thought I would do.”

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