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spring cleaning
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 Sarah Ball, Balls2 Marketing’s Client Strategy Director and social media expert in the glazing industry, talks about what to check and update on your social profiles in January.
 A lot can happen in a year and if your business tends to have a quiet January, it’s a great time to do a check over all your social profiles and make sure that everything is bang up-to-date for the year ahead.
On Facebook, take a look at your About section and check that everything is accurate, especially addresses and contact details. Make sure you update anything timely, if last year you’d been installing conservatories for 20 years, it’s 21 this year! It’s worth checking things like this on your website too.
Make sure that you double check your Categories on Facebook - if you’ve added new products to your range this year, there might be a new one that’s relevant. It’s a good opportunity to update your Facebook photo albums too, perhaps a full album dedicated to your 2017 installations, so your followers can see all your recent work in one place.
Make sure you do the same on Google My Business, Twitter and Instagram, and the one that tends to be forgotten about most – YouTube! The more up-to-date they are the better as it shows that you are active on all of your platforms.
If you’re celebrating a milestone year in 2018, you can start celebrating now! A new ‘20 year’ version of your logo looks great as a profile picture for the year and if you can find any old photographs, they work really well as posts on social. People love to see how far you’ve come as a business and if there’s a cracking 80s hairstyle in there too, well that’s even better!
It’s the perfect time for a Spring clean in the office, it’s also a great time to clean up your
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  themonth endurance doors
 Endurance® Doors have just launched a new #DooroftheMonth campaign on social media, with a view to enticing their retail partners and Preferred Installers to share installation images with them, with a promise of a tasty prize each month.
 The images generated from the campaign will then be used to develop further consumer marketing materials for the fast growing, solid and secure composite door manufacturer. All customers need to do in order to enter, is to tweet their respective entries with #DooroftheMonth or e- mail them directly to
Frames of Bristol with a two-tone Alto door in anthracite grey and walnut in September, Ribble Valley Windows in October, with a Scafell door and sidelights combination in schwarzbraun and Impressions Home Improvements in November with a Bredon style door in golden oak.
our impressive solid and secure composite doors. We’ve also incentivised our customers within the campaign with a little tasty prize for the lucky monthly winners.
Winners have already been tweeted at the start of the last three months and they were DH
Rachel Dixon, marketing manager commented: ‘The new #DooroftheMonth initiative has been implemented so we can generate further great images of
She continued: ‘With ongoing new marketing initiatives and deliverables, we’re actively able to fuel further strong growth for us as a brand and that means our customers are enjoying the same levels of success.’
than fd30
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 FD30 fire doors from bespoke timber experts West Port have been proven to withstand fires for 40% longer than the legal requirement.
 To achieve an FD30 rating, products have to hold flames at bay for 30 minutes. Subjected to rigorous testing by both Cambridge Fire Research and BRE, West Port’s door managed to withstand temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Celsius for 42 minutes 7 seconds, or 40% longer.
lax, and it’s the responsibility of everyone in the construction industry to help ensure nothing like this happens again.
“We treat fire safety with the utmost seriousness – and our fire- rated products are among the most robust and reliable in the industry. We treat 30 minutes as a bare minimum, not a target – and because of that, we’re delighted, but not surprised, to see our product perform so well in testing.”
Ken Mercer, Commercial Sales Director commented: “After the terrible tragedy at Grenfell, fire safety is being talked about more than it has for decades. It’s clear that for far too long, attitudes towards fire safety have been too
“It’s frighteningly common for manufacturers to test their fire door components separately, rather than testing the completely assembled door set. That can lead to products with FD30 components that only last a fraction of the time they’re supposed to. We’ve come across FD30 fire doors that fail in under 15 minutes before, which is simply unacceptable.
Cumbria-based West Port is one of Britain’s leading manufacturers of timber windows and doors, known for its extensive product range, quick lead times and uncompromising commitment to quality.

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