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Listen with your eyes - In order to trust us and buy from us, customers first need to feel that we care and are interested.
A common, yet totally unconscious way to communicate that we don't care less, is to periodically look elsewhere. People who do this whilst chatting with customers are mostly unaware that their eyes are exploring and even judging the surroundings.
Customers however, are very aware of it and can make it mean many things, non of which are good. It is one of the many ways to score low marks with customers.
An ex business mentor of mine; when having a chat with one of my sales staff, would often catch their eyes wondering. "Listen with your eyes" he would unexpectedly snap, annoyed. Often, when I am watching salespeople in the field, I observe poor and even inappropriate eye wandering. One salesman - selling to me recently - looked totally disinterested and was eyeing up my clothes and my wife while I was talking: only when he started talking did he make any effort to maintain eye contact.
This week, observe others to see this for yourselves, and at the same time be aware of your own eye contact. Customers buy two things; good feelings and solutions. So be 'interested in' and 'focused on' the people you meet, and remember, 'you need to connect before you can collect!'
idyllic introduction independent network 01282 473170
North Lakes NLG Window Systems has been quick to take full advantage of its Independent Network membership, having joined the pioneering installer support organisation just six months ago.
Recently rebranded from Network VEKA, Independent Network recognised North Lakes with one of two ‘Best New Member’ awards at its annual Members’ Weekend. The Penrith-based company has been full of praise for the benefits that membership has brought, such as training; marketing support and heightened customer confidence.
“It’s early days for us, but we’re extremely pleased that we decided to join and look forward to further exploring the support available in future”
Martin Smith, who owns and operates the company alongside his wife Lindsey, commented: “Independent Network really helps to make the most of being a VEKA installer.
“Having such a comprehensive grasp on what customers think about our work, including word-for-word testimonials has been a very useful marketing tool”, Martin continues. “We’ve showcased the info on our website and social media, and find it a great way to illustrate that we’re not just making empty claims about the quality of our work!”
“Since joining, we’ve attended various training days, and feel more than ever that we’re fully ‘up to speed’ with industry advances as a result. The courses also provide a great opportunity to meet other member companies and get a sense of the culture of the network.
Karen Lund, VEKA Group’s Head of Partner Programmes commented: “North Lakes has enjoyed an auspicious start, becoming one of our Best New Members for its broad engagement and enthusiasm. We congratulate them on the completion of their newly-developed showroom, and look forward to a long and fruitful future together.”
an instant hit alufolddirect 01706 260700
The Aluminium Glazing Design Centre in Blackburn has been an instant success for AluFoldDirect, with more than 200 installers and builders coming through the doors in the first few months since opening.
“This is the only dedicated showroom and advice centre for aluminium glazing outside London and it’s clear from the superb reaction that window installation companies have been waiting for it,” says Craig Miller, MD.
professional, expert image and reinforce good customer service, and we already have lots of regulars who are coming back again and again.
“Once first-time visitors see that we offer Everything Aluminium under one roof, it gives them the confidence that they can come to us, whatever they need. We also welcome new visitors to tour our factory and see how our manufacturing process is set up to deliver what they want, when they want it.
“That’s exactly why we set up the centre in this way – to help installers and builders to win new business in the growing aluminium sector.
“We’re also finding that installers and builders are bringing their customers to the centre to discuss design options on projects. It gives them a place to show a
“We continue to add new products to the design centre. The latest additions are two samples of the new Technic-AL Roof Lantern range. We’ve put two angled display units into the centre, so visitors can see the quality up close. The roof kits are available next day in stock sizes and colours, or in two weeks for bespoke roof lanterns.”
curved space metal technology 028 9448 7777
The Space, the performing art, technology and innovation centre for the South Eastern Regional College campus in Bangor, Northern Ireland benefits from an iconic curved façade constructed using Metal Technology architectural aluminium systems.
The new build by OHMG is formed from two blocks connected by a glass atrium. The building features System 17 curtain walling in capped and silicone pointed variants, as well as System 5-20 turn-only and System 4-20 casement windows.
Technology all deliver exceptional performance, thermal and security and blended seamlessly into the overall design.
System 17 was the ideal choice for The Space building as it offered the designer the design flexibility to create the curved aesthetic together with high performance thermal efficiency and weathering. Window systems from Metal
As a performing arts hub, acoustic performance was critical. A 300mm gap between interior glazing and the external façade created a noise buffer, enhanced by the installation of acoustic padding on glazed fixing to prevent noise transgression. In addition to achieving the acoustic specification, it was given a Very Good BREEAM rating.
paul clifton

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