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One year ago, we made the decision to revamp our magazines, offering a more contemporary layout, with sleek lines and plenty of white space, increasing readability and content in the process.
service. We were able to streamline a number of processes, enabling us to finely tune our time management which encouraged us to look at other factors. Recently we have updated our IT network, with the purchase of new state-of-the-art equipment and software. We have always been renowned for our customer service ethics and the restructuring program that has occurred over the last twelve months has enabled us to continue to offer that first class service.
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Since last September, Vision, as a whole, has been through a lot of restructuring. There was no point overhauling the magazine if Vision, as a company, didn’t also receive the same treatment.
Change can sometimes be difficult but by taking a step back and looking at the way you work from a different angle can help you to see where improvements can be made. Improvements can only mean increased profitability, so if you are hesitating about making improvements to your business, then stop, make the changes and see your business succeed.
circulation 3,417 window fitters 1,516 window fabricators 749 glazing suppliers 382 glazing contractors 566 unit manufacturers 201 builders 157 architects 95 glass merchants 80 shopfitters 71 local authorities 39 housing associations 40
Initially, we upgraded the phones, opting for a VOIP system. You may ask yourself, what is VOIP? Well, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It allows you to make cost effective telephone calls through the Internet. Since the upgrade, the most noticeable thing we have found is the crystal clear sound quality. Infact, the phones are so sensitive, everything, including background noise can be heard through them. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could hear a pin drop.
october 2017 deadlines
editorial 19th september & advertising 21st september @ 5pm
Ali alloy construction with polyamide jointing strips. Dual colour option available.
Weather tested to BS6375
Weather tightness: no leakage below 600pa Wind resistance: Subject to positive & Air permeability: 600pa class negative wind resistance to 1200pa
We also took time to look at our inhouse processes, to see if we could increase productivity without compromising on the quality of our
northern vision - september 2017
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