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Li􏰁 and Slide
High performance heavy duty doors for large openings
Good thermal performance to 1.0 (Triple Glazed) Double, triple and quadruple leaf op􏰀ons 12m 4 pane or larger 6 pane op􏰀ons Enhanced weathering performances Maximum Sash width 350 cm
Glazing up to 43mm*
Interlock op􏰀ons
Sliding Pa􏰀o Doors
2,3 & 4 leaf op􏰀ons Sash width up to 150 cm Glazing up to 28mm
Compe􏰀􏰀vely Priced
Fast Turnaround From Large Stocks
Bifolds Available slimfold as®
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announced deceuninck 07818 383385
Deceuninck UK can announce that Rob McGlennon is permanently taking the reins of the UK business as MD.
Rob was appointed in the interim after Roy Frost left the company at the end of last year. He has since led the team through 6-months of strong sales, spearheaded some exciting product launches to give customers the edge in the market and been instrumental in converting some well-known large fabricators to the brand.
individual requirements. This cultural shift has been recognised by customers too, with our most recent customer satisfaction survey showing high satisfaction levels.
“Deceuninck needed someone to step into the leadership role as soon as possible and I was happy to take on that responsibility,” says Rob. “In the 6 months since, there has been a cultural change. The focus is even more firmly placed on our existing customers and providing the support they need to grow their businesses. We’ve invested in joint marketing initiatives and tailored sales support across the board, for customers big and small depending on their
“Meanwhile more fabricators have seen precisely how we can help them differentiate against the competition with for example the perfect offering for the growing heritage market with our Heritage Window Collection, as well as our market beating colour offering of 26 colourways in stock for profile, ancillaries, cills and trims.
fire door project
liniar 01332 883900
A testing programme between two companies has led to the development of a fire resisting solution for Liniar’s range of composite doors.
“As UK MD, I’m looking forward to continuing to work together with the excellent team to deliver what the market wants and needs to help our customers to stay ahead of the competition.”
Pyroplex Ltd approached Liniar at the 2016 FIT Show to propose working together on a project to develop a fire door assembly capable of achieving a fire resistance period of 30 minutes.
proved to be invaluable to see the interaction between products when tested for fire resistance, whilst maintaining other essential characteristics including security, thermal performance and weather ability, to comply with Building Regulations.
When prospective customers The Fascia Place then approached Liniar to enquire if its range included fire doors, the project began to take shape. Liniar utilised The Fascia Place’s previous knowledge, working together to develop a successful fire door.
After completing a small scale fire test, Pyroplex commissioned Exova Warringtonfire to undertake a full scale fire test incorporating two doors, both of which included overhead glazing panels and glazed side lights with large aspect ratios, which can often fail under constant fire load.
Based in Droitwich, Pyroplex manufacture high performance intumescent strips for use in doors and glazing systems. The systems are supported by international testing and certification and they hold third party approval under internationally recognised schemes.
Both of the door set assemblies achieved a significant overrun in terms of fire resistance. The test was continued to failure, exceeding the 30 minute requirement by more than 15 minutes.“
The collective technical expertise from all the various parties involved
rob mcglennon
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