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Well here’s to 2018 and what it may possibly bring us! If i had a crystal ball i think it may look something like this.
 01675 481920
  circulation 3,235
window fitters 1,529 window fabricators 623 glazing suppliers 313 glazing contractors 513 unit manufacturers 201 builders 175 architects 109
   67 47 32 23
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construction industry, it forms part of the “UK Construction Week,” held at the nec, Birmingham. The shows
glass merchants shopfitters
local authorities housing associations
february issue deadlines
editorial 19th & advertising 22nd january @5pm
organisers will look to make their mark on our industry, offering an alternative to the current event line- up with a show that offers additional networking and cross industry opportunities.
 From our readership it very much seems like some new seeds will be coming through in the form of start- ups in window fabrication. It does not surprise me as this industry has always created some great entrepreneurs and this avenue is probably one of the most accessible and cost effective for new start ups.
As a result, some larger fabricators may possibly lose a few customers with system companies gaining new business, but overall demand will not change much; the main winners here will be machinery companies. We will also see a big push from the Build Show which runs in October 2018. One of several shows covering the
2017 saw many MBO’s, mergers and company acquisitions. This year however, we will see this trend slow down as the industry giants begin to take stock and refocus on further increasing their sales through improved service levels and new products. Watch this space for just that with some new and exciting products in the pipeline, especially those coming from Visions’ advertisers in the coming months.
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midland vision - january 2018

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