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Taking one less trading day difference into account, average sales per day in Q3 2017 were nearly 7% ahead of Q3 2016. The largest increases were in the Ironmongery (+10.0%) and Kitchens & Bathrooms (+9.9%) product categories.
  merchants see continued growth
Q3 has also shown impressive growth compared to the Year to Date (YTD) growth values, where total sales were 4.9% ahead of the same period in 2016. All categories made gains other than Landscaping, where Q3 and YTD was identical (+4.1%) attributed largely to seasonal variations.
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The Builders Merchant Building
Builders’ merchants continue to buck the trends seen across most areas of the retail market. However, we saw a steady rise in inflation during Q3, starting in July at 2.7% and rising to 3.0% by September which led to the first rise in interest rates since July 2007.
correlation between merchant sales and wider economic indicators. Property value growth is slowing, but still positive, and improvements to the home are still good long term investments. But wages are lagging behind price inflation and homeowners have less to spend. GfK’s long-running
Consumer Confidence Index slipped by one point to -10 in October and continues to bump along in negative territory.
 Index (BMBI) shows that builders’ merchants have experienced continued strong sales value growth in the third Quarter (Q3) of 2017.
With the BMBI still in its infancy, we are yet to fully appreciate the
Will we see a slow down over the coming months or will the UK’s demand for new properties continue to drive our segment? Only time will tell.
 product of the year
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Deceuninck’s Heritage Flush Sash, which forms part of the company’s Heritage Window Collection, has won the prestigious category of New Product of the Year at this year’s G- Awards.
didn’t come with the option to lock the window in a night vent position. For this reason, the euro-groove position became critical. We also ensured outstanding weather and security performance was part of our Flush Sash offering with Airtightness Class 4, Watertightness Class E900, Wind Resistance Class AE2400 and PAS24:2016 Kitemark approved, all complete with the system.
        Rob McGlennon, MD of Deceuninck UK comments: “We quickly identified the need for a strong product for the growing heritage sector and worked hard to design a product that suits every need in this field. Our Heritage Flush Sash comes with the option of fully welded or mechanical joints for a completely traditional and authentic
“From a technical perspective, our new product addressed a gap in the market at the time because no other Flush Sash came with a night vent, so
designs on growth
In the face of continuing cost pressures, possible further interest rate hikes and ongoing Brexit negotiations, the one certainty for the economy and, the construction sector in 2018 will be uncertainty.
back of increasing product specification.
look, also giving our customers a true USP over the competition.
particularly important as the windows need to match the character of the property.
“The Flush Sash also comes with a host of marketing support that is considered to be above and beyond the industry standard. All Heritage Collection customers have access to an array of marketing assets to suit all needs, including printed brochures, image library, point of sale and much more.
 It’s not often we see something genuinely innovative in our market, but the Flush Sash from Deceuninck has delivered something new that provides fabricators and installers with a completely new sales opportunity.
“In addition to designing the best- looking product for this sector, we have also been able to offer our Heritage Flush Sash customers the benefit of 26 colourways from stock. Again, for added authenticity we also offer 26 colourways in matching trims, cills and ancillaries – all from stock. We have of course had to invest a significant amount of money to allow us to offer this amount of product from stock, but we did it because we knew how far ahead this investment would put our customers. It means they can order colour as easily as they can order white. For the Heritage sector, this is
“The beauty of our cleverly designed Flush Sash isn’t limited to the Heritage sector however - it looks just as stunning in a modern town house property, as it does in a traditional cottage. Our new grey substrate with smooth matt anthracite foil is available on our Flush Sash and from stock and we will continue to develop the range to help our customers win even more projects, in even more property styles.
“We are thrilled to receive the prestigious recognition from within the industry at the G-Awards for what we feel is a product that has truly changed the market in 2017, but we will continue to work closely with our customers to deliver what the market wants, when it needs it, with new #Bestinclass innovations and product developments on the horizon.”
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Andy Swift, national sales
However, companies such as ISO CHEMIE, which supply foam sealant tapes window and door installation projects, are likely to benefit if there’s a downturn in construction as they target the design rather than the installer sector.
“Brexit’s going to happen and whatever the outcome, construction will carry on, even if it’s to meet the demand for new homes. So, as we look ahead, the market appears future proof for us and who knows, it may even be better than expected.”
 manager of ISO-CHEMIE, is optimistic about UK foam sealant sales in the next 12 months as specialist suppliers ramp-up plans to target the design sector.
Andy Swift says: “The opportunities are out there for visionary companies like ourselves. There’ll be an increased focus on selling to designers in 2018, boosting sales in the process on the
He also expects building regulations to get tougher and policed better around matters such as airtightness and thermal loss around windows.
will need a well-run business,” adds Andy Swift, “with state-of-the art product ranges and quick delivery backed up by good on and off-site technical support.”
midland vision - january 2018
There will also be an increase in fire protection within new projects. Again, this could lead to increased opportunity for further tape-based sealing solutions.“To survive 2018, you

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