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 Beware of the nibble - Nibbling is a negotiating ploy that shrewd clients use to get free extras or a little more discount.
They might ask if you will throw in a couple of extras to improve your chances of them ordering, or they might even order and then say "That does include the extra widget doesn't it? knowing full well that is does not". The problem is that if we concede then some customers will just keep on nibbling until we have no shirts left on our backs. Another dilemma is that if we happily and quickly give them what they ask for then the customer may feel that they could have got even more because that was to easy. Some customers just like to play the game and as a matter of principle wont order unless they get something for nothing no matter how small it is. There is another type of customer who is just testing our integrity and if we drop the price or give them a freebie they will lose their trust in us because we had not given them our best deal in the first place and were therefore in their minds we are ripping them off. As salespeople and buyers ourselves, we need to be aware and have a counter strategies to the nibble which appeals to all types of customers mentioned. Some times you have to trust your gut feeling and make your best guess move. There are many counters to 'The Nibble'. You can hold your ground and say you have given them the best price you can. You can tell them in advance as a part of your 'pre-quote speech' that there is no negotiating room in your quote, it is your best price. If you can see they are sold and ready to order you can either reaffirm that it is your best price and consolidate by explaining the value they are getting or you can nibble back, do a 'higher authority' close, or a 'higher authority subject to' close i.e "I don't think the boss would agree to that, however I can ask the question for you, can I tell him you are happy to order if he will agree?" To prevent nibbling, you can tell customers you are quoting your best price up front; of course,
 they may still try.
Forewarned forearmed
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simple cps switching
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With insurance and energy contract renewals consistently in the headlines, as a nation, we’re starting to move away from auto‐renewing policies, in favour of finding great new deals and better customer service.
can provide schemes for all aspects of your work from windows to roofline. The switch to Certass begins with a simple online form and when the paperwork has been received, installers can register jobs within 48 hours. Completed jobs are certified as soon as the on‐site audit is signed off.
    According to Certass, it’s no different for window installation companies, who are looking for a better service on competent person schemes (CPS).
Installers registered with Certass can take advantage of extra benefits, including low‐cost public liability and business insurance, and the Trust Mark Scheme. As an extra bonus, Certass is waiving joining fees for installers switching to Certass who register before 15 January 2018. Jason adds: “Historically, certification bodies have run CPS without offering added value for installers, but that’s where we’re different. Our schemes are designed by tradespeople, for tradespeople, so we can be sure that we offer the best schemes, backed by helpful and friendly service.”
MD at Certass, Jason Clemmit explains: “Competent person schemes are an essential part of any installer’s remit. Self‐certifying installations is just part and parcel of the job for them, so that’s why at Certass, we make it as simple and straightforward as possible to transfer to a scheme with friendly, helpful support and technical teams. So, if you are looking for a fresh approach in the New Year give us a call.” With schemes covering more than 2.5 million installed products, Certass has one of the most comprehensive certification schemes in the industry that
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     Prefix Systems have partnered up with Saveheat Group, which includes Merlin Network, for the supply of their impressive WARMroof system for installations in Scotland.
compliance, explains the details about LABSS and LABC requirements, along with a guide to good practice.
 WARMroof has already proven to be a high performance, solid roof system, which offers a number of impressive USP’s and already carries LABSS approval, alongside LABC for England and Wales for both conservatory replacement and home extension projects.
After many months of deliberating the various systems available, Saveheat have chosen the WARMroof and believe that they have the opportunity to promote the best performing solid roof system in Scotland as Colin Torley, sales and operations director explains: ‘Merlin Network are extremely pleased to be appointed as the sole supplier of Prefix roofing systems for the whole of Scotland. Having recently been awarded LABSS for their system, this gives us a unique selling point that we will use to grow business in the Scottish area.’
Ideally suited to the Scottish market, the fully insulated system ensures ‘cold spots’ are eliminated fully. It’s construction has pre-formed insulation sitting above the roof structure to ensure the aluminium framework is fully insulated, keeping the structure warm. The construction negates the need for additional battening under the tile when the using Envirotile, saving additional fitting days during installation. It is also structurally proven to take a traditional concrete tile or slate, something no other lightweight tiled roof solution can boast and gives the homeowner numerous options. A newly published 16-page brochure also expertly details the simple 5-step process for
Similarly Prefix Systems believe they have the perfect partner for the Scottish market as co-director, Chris Baron, highlights: ‘Saveheat, including Merlin Network, are the ideal trade partner for us to further promote the roof in Scotland and we look forward to working closely with Saveheat and developing this fruitful partnership further.’
photo competition finalist
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Callum Alton, Digital Marketing Executive at Balls2 Marketing is a finalist for a top award in the EEF manufacturing photography competition in the Young Photographer category.
“We are exceptionally impressed,” says Sarah Ball, Client Strategy Director. “Callum is a gifted photographer. We asked him to take some photos for Frame Fast, a window
and door fabricator in Derby, and he came back with some stunning photos to use on their website and in social media.”
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The shortlisted entry is his image of a Winmac 8 head welding, tandem line that welds corner joints on windows. This is the type of every day manufacturing that often goes unrecognised in the UK. There are thousands of factories

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