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an offer you can’t refuse
balls2 marketing
Sarah Ball, Balls2 Marketing’s client strategy director and social media expert in the glazing industry, talks about how to get noticed on social using the Facebook Offers tool.
Facebook has loads of great tools to help you make the most of the platform and get more from your social media marketing. They are easy and cost-effective ways to promote your business and this month we’re focussing on the ‘Offers’ tool.
Facebook Offers
Offers are pretty self-explanatory. They can promote discounts, promotions or special deals you have on, whether it’s online or at your showroom. Once it’s created, it will show up on your fan’s Facebook News Feeds where they can ‘Like’ it, comment on it or claim it.
If they claim your offer, it will be saved in their offers bookmark and they will receive notifications to make sure they use it before it expires, so it keeps you on their radar whilst the offer is still active.
How to Create a Facebook Offer
There’s a button on your Page Manager called ‘Create an Offer’. It’s really simple to do. Just fill in the details of your offer – whether it’s 10 percent off windows and doors for a month or a free home survey, you can add up to five great images or a video to catch people’s eye.
In the same window, you can add T&Cs, a promo code so that you can monitor any claims and decide the expiration date. Make sure it’s valid for long enough for people to see it and claim it – one month is about right.
Advertising Your Offer
You don’t have to pay to create Facebook offers but promoting it will get it seen by more people. Facebook holds lots of data on its users, so you can accurately target potential customers by location, age or interest. We find starting with a small budget and seeing what works is the best way to begin.
Most importantly, make sure your promotion is something that people will actually want to have – an offer they can’t refuse.
sarah ball
breaking month
conservatory outlet
01924 231829
The first month of its new financial year has been another record breaker for Conservatory Outlet Limited, reporting its June 2017 sales figure up an impressive 5% on the previous record.
alive with activity at the moment. We've never been so busy in terms of both orders and in supporting new and exciting growth initiatives from around the network.
compromising on quality. In true Yorkshire style, we celebrated with a fish and chip lunch for all our staff on Monday 24th July as a small token of our appreciation for all their hard work.”
The Yorkshire-based fabricator is crediting its best ever month to the growth of its retail network members, with four new showroom openings over the past six months.
We’re looking forward to building on this strong start through the rest of the financial year and raising the company to new heights, including more new showrooms, product launches and additional marketing support.
The company is on the cusp of launching two new products, ensuring its retail network are amongst the first to market with the latest innovations.
With more than 6000 frames, 200 roofs and 350 composite doors processed in June, it has been a very busy period for the fabricator and its 24-strong retail network.
I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone within the network for their continued support; and to our fabulous staff for their commitment and dedication in processing the overwhelming quantity of orders in June without
The company also remains firmly focused on achieving its £20m turnover goal by 2018, and on securing full UK coverage by actively seeking new retail partners in areas of the UK untapped by its network, including Essex, Cornwall and South Wales.
MD Michael Giscombe explains: “The network is truly
fire door project
liniar 01332 883900
A testing programme between two companies, working with some of the industry’s most prestigious component providers, has led to the development of a fire resisting solution for Liniar’s range of composite doors.
Pyroplex Ltd approached Liniar at the 2016 FIT Show to propose working together on a project to develop a fire door assembly capable of achieving a fire resistance period of 30 minutes.
which have been extensively tested and assessed for use within the composite door market.
weather ability, to comply with Building Regulations.
When prospective customers The Fascia Place then approached Liniar to enquire if its range included fire doors, the project began to take shape. Liniar utilised The Fascia Place’s previous knowledge, working together to develop a successful fire door.
They manufacture high performance intumescent strips for use in doors and glazing systems. The systems are supported by international testing and certification and they hold third party approval under internationally recognised schemes.
After completing a small scale fire test, Pyroplex commissioned Exova Warringtonfire to undertake a full scale fire test incorporating two doors, both of which included overhead glazing panels and glazed side lights with large aspect ratios, which can often fail under constant fire load.
Based in Droitwich, Pyroplex has a reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high performance fire containment systems with a long established range of products
The collective technical expertise from all the various parties involved proved to be invaluable to see the interaction between products when tested for fire resistance, whilst maintaining other essential characteristics including security, thermal performance and
Both of the door set assemblies achieved a significant overrun in terms of fire resistance. The test was continued to failure, exceeding the 30 minute requirement by more than 15 minutes – meaning the doors are well on the way to reaching the 60 minute mark.“

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