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sales rule 22
paul clifton
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Listen with your eyes - In order to trust us and buy from us, customers first need to feel that we care and are interested.
A common, yet totally unconscious way to communicate that we don't care less, is to periodically look elsewhere. People who do this whilst chatting with customers are mostly unaware that their eyes are exploring and even judging the surroundings.
Customers however, are very aware of it and can make it mean many things, non of which are good. It is one of the many ways to score low marks with customers.
An ex business mentor of mine; when having a chat with one of my sales staff, would often catch their eyes wondering. "Listen with your eyes" he would unexpectedly snap, annoyed. Often, when I am watching salespeople in the field, I observe poor and even inappropriate eye wandering. One salesman - selling to me recently - looked totally disinterested and was eyeing up my clothes and my wife while I was talking: only when he started talking did he make any effort to maintain eye contact.
This week, observe others to see this for yourselves, and at the same time be aware of your own eye contact. Customers buy two things; good feelings and solutions. So be 'interested in' and 'focused on' the people you meet, and remember, 'you need to connect before you can collect!'
instant hit alufolddirect 01706 260700
The Aluminium Glazing Design Centre in Blackburn has been an instant success for AluFoldDirect, with more than 200 installers and builders coming through the doors in the first few months since opening.
“This is the only dedicated showroom and advice centre for aluminium glazing outside London and it’s clear from the superb reaction that window installation companies have been waiting for it,” says Craig Miller, MD.
deliver what they want, when they want it.
and builders to win new business in the growing aluminium sector.
“Once first-time visitors see that we offer Everything Aluminium under one roof, it gives them the confidence that they can come to us, whatever they need. We also welcome new visitors to tour our factory and see how our manufacturing process is set up to
“We’re also finding that installers and builders are bringing their customers to the centre to discuss design options on projects. It gives them a place to show a professional, expert image and reinforce good customer service, and we already have lots of regulars who are coming back again and again.
“We continue to add new products to the design centre. The latest additions are two samples of the new Technic-AL Roof Lantern range. We’ve put two angled display units into the centre, so visitors can see the quality up close. The roof kits are available next day in stock sizes and colours, or in two weeks for bespoke roof lanterns.”
new online presence
“That’s exactly why we set up the centre in this way – to help installers
double r glass & roofing systems
01933 443 658
Specialist IGU and conservatory roof supplier, Double R Glass & Roofing Systems is pleased to announce the launch of its new look website.
“The new look site now better reflects the business we have become,” says Ian Sims, MD. “It has been brought up to date with a fresher appearance and more information to make it easier for existing and future customers to find what they need.
techniques, so it’s important we have a quick and easy way of keeping the market up to date.
to give those that haven’t been to us before, an insight into our operation. There is a comprehensive technical information centre as well, for those who want to know more about the credentials of the products we supply. We hope visitors enjoy visiting our new electronic home at”
“Double R is a pioneer – often the first to bring new products to market or implement new manufacturing
“Visitors to the site can now easily see how we help customers stay one step ahead of the competition with the very best in roofs and glass with a detailed overview of both areas of our business. We have also updated the site with new and more photography
cements relationship
polyframe 01453 826884
A commercial installer has
Polyframe for more than five years and has driven growth within its business by taking advantage of the unique strengths and skills of their experienced team. The company is now looking forward to greater business opportunities from the fabricator.
installing at least 300 frames a week. The quality of products and reliability of supply is fundamental to the success of an installation and we only work with suppliers that can meet our exacting requirements and won’t let us down.
toasted to its long-standing alliance with Polyframe and is seizing all the benefits of working alongside the PVC-u fabricator.
Polyframe has worked in partnership with us for many years and has been an enormous asset to our business.
The Window Company has been sourcing multiple PVC-u systems from
David Thornton, says: “We have always been a commercial installer and now have 24 fitting teams
paul clifton

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